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August 2007Issue 6, Volume 4 Mel Ott – Editor


Editors Note: I apologize for the lateness of this issue. Generally we try to get the last issue of the year out shortly after the Change of Watch. Unfortunately, I had a major computer crash in October and lost all my documents and many of the pictures I had taken for the newsletter. With the help of the Geek Squad, I've been able to recover some of the pictures and have gained a valuable lesson. BACK UP, BACKUP, BACKUP!!

Commodore’s Corner by Bob Lamar

Greetings from Saugatuck and Holland to wherever you are at this joyous time of the year. The last couple of weeks the temperature has been between 18 decrees and 32 decrees, not very conducive to good boating! We have a little frost in the ground and the ponds are frozen over, but not the lakes yet. Just recently, the lake temperature was at 41 decrees. We have about 4” of snow on the ground so we’re sure to have a White Christmas.

If you get one of the Saugatuck papers, The Commercial Record or the Local Observer, you have seen the articles on the engineers report on the dredging of Saugatuck harbor. Finally, the cities of Saugatuck and Douglas are in agreement on the impact boating has on their communities. I don’t know yet what will happen but they are going to get together to try for funding and grants to cover the costs of dredging. If they are able to come up with funding, it will probably have to be done in phases because the total cost is estimated to be approximately $40 million! Discussion continues on resources from whom the funds could be obtained. Many suggestions are still being considered on what can be done to reduce the “silting” process that constantly fills Kalamazoo Lake (Saugatuck Harbor). Board Member and Chairman of the Harbor Committee, Greg Janik, is on top of this and will keep us informed of the progress being made. We thank R. J. Peterson, owner of Tower Marina, who has been a prime mover of the dredging issue and the effect the low water has had on the community.

By now you know that through the efforts of Butler Enterprises and our Liaison Chairman, John VandenBos, we have been successful in obtaining a five year lease with the city on the Cook Park property. Our congratulations and sincere appreciation to Todd White, the entire White family, and John for their efforts in completing this project.

May you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy New Year, and happy winter with good health to all.

Vice Commodore’s Report by Ken LaGrand

Lake Michigan water levels are at their seasonal lows due to the mild fall. Let’s all hope for lots of snow in Northern Michigan and the entire Lake Superior basin to raise lake levels for the boating season next year.

A new “pump-out system” has been installed at the club. We will be doing some “debugging” to it in the spring to get it operating to its maximum effectiveness. We have applied to the State of Michigan for our grant monies of approximately $8,500, which is about 75% of our cost for the system.

We have switched our TV service from Comcast, which required a digital receiver box for every TV on every boat, to Direct TV, a satellite service provider. Our installation cost was approximately $10,000 which we expect to recoup in reduced monthly fees over the first 18 months of service, which translates to about three summers.

Due to the mostly mild weather after the club closed on October 15th, we received a report just before Thanksgiving that the grass on our grounds had grown to about 7 or 8 inches! A break in the weather at the end of November enabled Assistant Dock Master, John Geier, to do one more cut before the snow came thereby fulfilling our obligation for maintaining the grounds under our new lease contract to the City of Saugatuck and Butler Enterprise.

Treasurer’s Report by Joe Clark

Our slip fees for 2008 will be increased by 2% over the 2007 amount. This increase, approved by the Board of Directors, was made to offset the increase in our lease costs to Butler Enterprises (and the City of Saugatuck) and the normal increase in our operating expenses. The club is in sound financial condition.

Secretary’s Report by Gary Battaglia

If you have not already done so, please make certain you complete the membership information form sent you as a part of your membership dues request. We use the information on the form to do our annual membership roster. Even if none of the information has changed from last year, we would appreciate it being filled out. In this time of low water levels, we also need your boat size and draft to be sure a slip can accommodate your vessel!

We have had three Past Commodores apply for and receive Honorary Member status, Bob Pierce whose term was in 1980, Pete Derridinger from 1991, and Lynn Everse from 1999. Refer to your roster for the By-Laws governing Honorary Membership. Congratulations to all three for their many years of service to the club to attain the Past Commodore category and now Honorary Membership.

Please note that the first Board of Directors meeting in 2008 will be on May 17th instead of April 26th as originally planned. Mark your calendars accordingly.

Auxiliary Report by Linda Querry, President

The new 2008 Auxiliary Board met in October to set our calendar and to brainstorm some new ideas to keep the summer activities exciting. Our meetings will continue to be on the same date as the SYC Board meetings, with the social time at 10:00 AM and the meetings beginning at 10:30 AM. The 4th Friday Cocktail Parties will return to the 4th Fridays in May, June, and July with the three slip areas hosting. The May party is scheduled to be a Pizza Party hosted by the Northlands, June will be a “Late Evening Dessert” party hosted by the Ghetto, and the July party is open but will be hosted by the Midlands. In August, we have opted to hold a Corn Boil/Brats Roast on Saturday, the 16th.

Another change is the date for the Auxiliary Change of Watch, which will be on Saturday, September 13th. Everything gets so hectic at the end of August and the beginning of September that we decided to hold the Auxiliary Change of Watch a week later than has been done in the past.

Special projects this summer include replacement of the umbrella tables at the pool. In order for us to do this, we need to grow our membership and our revenue. Please consider joining the Aux when the notice comes out the SYC mailing. Remember, the membership is open to men also!

We all wish Mary Slack well and a speedy recovery.

Annual Meeting

The club’s Annual Meeting was held in the club room on September 8th. Reports were given by the Bridge, Board, and Committee Chairmen to an overflowing and attentive membership crowd.

The results of the election were also announced as follows:

  • Bob Lamar – Commodore
  • Ken LaGrand – Vice Commodore
  • Joe Clark – Treasurer
  • Gary Battaglia – Secretary

Steve Andree and Greg Janik were elected to the Board of Directors for two year terms.

From left to right:
Gary Battaglia, Secretary; Bob Lamar, Commodore; Ken LaGrand, Vice Commodore
New Members

Please join me in welcoming three new members to Singapore Yacht Club.

If you see these smiling faces on the docks, please introduce yourself and welcome them to the club.

From left to right:
Wendell and Karin Carey – Miller Beach, Indiana
Greg and El Delinski – Granger, Indiana
Chris and Karen Lisowicz – Spring Lake, Michigan
Auxiliary Change of Watch

On September 9th, the Singapore Yacht Club Auxiliary held its annual Change of Watch Luncheon at Coral Gables. There were approximately 50 in attendance, which included nine past presidents. The food was delicious, it was a bright sunny day, and we celebrated with vibrant flowers in pink and purple, just like the colors in the flowerpots on the dock this year.

We took a moment to review our accomplishments for 2007 and recognized the 2007 Board: Jeanie Martin, President; Linda Querry, Vice President; Cathy Gorman, Secretary; and Joyce Andree, Treasurer.

We introduced the incoming Board:

  • Linda Querry, President
  • Joyce Andree, Vice President
  • Cathy Gorman, Secretary
  • Nancy Hall, Secretary

Lastly, we took a beautiful picture of all our past presidents, which will be posted in the historians scrap book, and distributed dried herbs as party favors from our “friendship herb pots” on the dock. The last Aux function for the 2007 season will be a trip to Chicago on October 20th. Everyone is looking forward to another great year in 2008!

Cathy Gorman, Treasurer; Linda Querry, President; Joyce Andree, Vice President; Nancy Hall, Secretary

Past Presidents

Change of Watch

The stars were out when Singapore Yacht Club’s Change of Watch party took the stage for “A Night at the Oscars” at Coral Gables on October 6th.

From the red carpet on the sidewalk leading up to the entrance and the spotlight greeting the stars coming to the party, and the limousine awaiting their use, everything was “Hollywood” for the evening. Social Chairpersons, Bob and Jeanie Martin and their helpers made the evening a night to remember.

After a meal choice of beef filet or fresh salmon and a “cabaret style” dessert, a floor show consisting of Broadway tunes and more was put on by Mary Rademacher and the Rad Pack that was enjoyed by everyone. “Oscars” were presented to stars that performed admirably during the boating season at the club.

And, to round out the awards, Mel Ott was presented with the “Broken Hammer” award for his mishap while washing his boat. Not to be outdone, Jack Querry received an additional parting Commodore award – the “Rubber Ducky” award for his dinghy diligence.

Christmas Dinner Party

The weather did not cooperate too much for the Christmas Dinner party held at The Boatwerks Restaurant in Holland on December 1st. Even though there was snow and sleet outside, the social hour with appetizers, and dinner choices of roasted beef tenderloin or salmon with all the trimmings warmed the 25 couples in attendance. The hosts for the party were Bob and Trish Lamar, assisted by Doug and Robin Peet.

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